Chambord, jewel of the Loire Valley

  • distance : 44km

A dream that has long been shared by each and every one of us finally comes true: as a truly extravagant Château in every way and masterpiece of the French Renaissance, Chambord is yours to explore at will. In Marsh 2017 were inaugurated his magnificent formal gardens which you should not fail visit.

Take the double spiral staircase, which two people can go up or down without ever meeting, and head to the royal apartments of François I and Louis XIV. The floor above immerses you in the world of royal hunts. Continue up to the terraces and you’ll find yourself surrounded by roofing and chimneys forming a fairytale village, as if suspended in the sky. Look down towards the grand canal and … beyond to the wild game reserve.

The château of Chambord is located between the untamed royal river and the wild woodlands, which is home to many boar and deer. Chambord opens up the Loire, a river now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its "living cultural landscape". It’s the largest and most prestigious of the French Renaissance châteaux

Chambord was born from the dream of King François Ier; who brought back from his battles in Italy numerous artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci. The architect of Chambord remains unknown, but this masterpiece seems to have been inspired by the sketches of da Vinci himself (particularly the famous double staircase)

A royal residence

Chambord was not designed to be a permanent residence, merely a hunting lodge.

The king enjoyed retiring to the Château of Chambord in order to indulge in his favourite sport of hunting, which was reserved at that time for nobility. He spent very little time at the château, leaving it void of furniture and inhabitants after each visit. As a result, it remained unfinished…

Over the centuries, other historical figures and kings of France stayed here and continued making embellishments on the château - among them was the famous “Sun King”, Louis XIV

Don’t miss

  • The audio-visual room (film presentation)
  • The double spiral staircase
  • The apartments of François Ier and Louis XIV
  • Coffered vaults on the second floor
  • The chapel
  • The terraces
  • The northern parterre


Sound and light show : from june to september ????

The Château is open...

  • All year round except on New Year’s Day, January 31th and Christmas Day

From 02/01 to 31/03:

10.00am – 5.00pm

From 01/04 to 30/09:

9.00am – 6.00pm

From 01/10 to 31/12:

10.00am – 5.00pm


Useful information

  • Last tickets sold half an hour before the Château closes
  • Free cloakroom for bulky rucksacks
  • Pets are not allowed in the Château (littles dogs allowed carried in a basket)
  • The Estate is open daily.