Domain of Chaumont sur Loire

  • Distance : 25 km

The Château is on the banks of the Loire between the cities of Amboise and Blois. Nestled and perched 40 metres above the wild Loire River, now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its "living cultural landscape". Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire gives the public access to its feudal Castle which illustrates both the defensive architecture of its period and the architecture related to pleasurable pursuits of the Renaissance and gardens all year round and, from April until late October, to the International Garden Festival – a definite date for.

Protected as monument historic since 1840, the château was given into state ownership in 1938 and is now open to the public 


The castle was founded in the 10th century by Eudes I, Count of Blois to protect Blois from attack by Foulques Nerra, the Count of Anjou.. After Pierre d'Amboise rebelled againstLouis XI, the king ordered the castle's destruction. Later in the 15th century Château de Chaumont was rebuilt by Charles I d'Amboise. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the chateau, which belonged to Queen Catherine de Medicis and later Diane de Poitiers, knew an intense period of intellectual activity as the Le Ray de Chaumont family welcomed, one after the other, the sculptor Nini, the American Benjamin Franklin and writer Germaine de Staël. The Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire reached its peak at the end of the 19th century thanks to Prince and Princess de Broglie. The royal couple designed magnificent modern stables, with the help of Maison Hermès, and entrusted Henri Duchêne, the landscape architect, with the creation of a landscaped park. 


  • 22nd International Garden Festival from April 24th to October 20, 2013 -Garden Festival on the theme of "Gardens of sensations"
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition from April 6 to November 11th, 2013 - The Artists : David Nash « Sans titre », Armin Schubert  « Objets sphériques », Klaus Pinter : « Sans titre », Eva Jospin « Forêt » and Michel Gérard « Watertanks »