The Loire Valley From Above: Hot Air Balloon Tours

  • distance : around 25km

Discover the magic of hot air balloons, a bubble of air suspended in space...Discover the incredible sensation of being up in the clouds....Experience a majestic sunrise or sunset....All this while flying above the magnificent chateau of the Loire Valley in any season of the year.

Take-off site:  Chenonceaux.

You will help your pilot prepare for the flight, then climb into the cozy gondola where you will enjoy a one-hour flight in permanent radio contact with the ground team back on Earth.

You will land where the wind takes you, whereupon you will help (if you'd like) with folding the envelope.  For the perfect end to this magical adventure, you will join the crew in a toast, followed by you being awarded with a diploma in hot-air balloon navigation.  You will then be driven back to the take off site.

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