Local Specialty: Soap made with donkey milk

  • distance : less than 10km

They say that Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt, took baths in donkey milk to preserve the youth and beauty of her skin.  According to legend, it took no less than 700 she-donkeys to furnish the quantity of milk required for her daily baths.  

Poppaea (30-65 AD), the second wife of the Roman emperor Nero, apparently kept up a similar beauty regime, which was mentioned by Pliny the Elder as being beneficial to the skin:  "it is believed that donkey milk erases wrinkles, makes the skin more delicate, and maintains its whiteness...Poppaea, wife of Emperor Nero, made donkey milk fashionable; she even took baths in it, and brought a herd of donkeys with her when went on long voyages."

Pauline Bonaparte (1780-1825), sister to Napoleon, also used donkey milk as a skin treatment.

Enjoy the legendary benefits of donkey milk at L'Asinerie de la Vallée à Angé, a few kilometers away from Le Petit Bouc.  Their products are available at:

Asinerie de la Vallée     

50, route de la Vallée
41400 ANGE
Tel: 06 89 92 86 04
E-mail : asinerievallee@free.fr