The Loire Valley: A Unesco World Heritage Site

The Loire Valley, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, invites you to experience an exceptional and vibrant cultural landscape, bathed by the untamed waters of the Loire River.


The Cultural Landscape of the Loire Valley:  water, stone, garden, vine

The Loire offers unique opportunities to commune with nature.  From its sloping banks you can enjoy a verdant panorama of nature in all its splendor.  

On its embankments, which have been protecting inhabitants from floods since the 12th century, hiking opportunities are many.  The easy access to the banks, which are filled with a wide variety of flora and fauna, makes it possible to effortlessly discover the natural riches that this generous river has to offer.

It is hard not to fall under the enchantment of the light that suffuses the Loire Valley, an area that has been declared a World Heritage Site.  As you follow the course of the river, you also follow the course of the sun.

Embark on a trip down the river, and discover the Loire's cultural landscape in all its splendor, either on a traditional riverboat, or at your own pace.  By navigating the river, you will reach the region's heart, where a unique way of life has long taken root.