Vines and Wines in the Loire Valley

In the Loire Valley, vineyards and wine making are one of the highest expressions of the richness of this cultural landscape, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Loire Valley is a delight for the senses—the sense of taste, in particular, thanks to the many wines and vineyards that the region offers.

The culture that surrounds wine and winemaking is both subtle and demanding, as it is grounded in a fragile landscape.  The fruit of man's hard work, grapevines mingle harmoniously with the diversity of the Loire Valley's countryside.
The Loire offers a wide variety of "terroirs," or vineyards that produce some of France's most prestigious wines:  Chinon, Bourgueil, Samur, Touraine...By visiting the tasting rooms, often in the troglodyte caves where the wines are kept, you will taste the harmonious results of a collaboration between man and nature.

Winemaking in the Loire Valley is also a way of enhancing and perpetuating a way of life that is closely associated with France's gastronomic reputation.